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    What is Bengalesisnika?

    One breed.

    One family.

    Think you know all about this wonderful race? We challenge you to know the whole history of this breed that stands out as a feline specimen.


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    If you liked our kittens know more about the whole process needed to be able to have a Bengalesis kitten. We explain step by step:

      Know the breed well.

      Keep in mind all the factors before considering purchasing a Bengal cat. It is a breed that needs a lot of attention, great care and, of course, a lot of affection on the part of the owners.

      What people say about us


      Diogo Ribeiro

      São João da Madeira

      "I found in Bengalesisnika a reliable cattery, where besides the high quality of their cats, I also had a high level of support from Rui, who was very personalized. Always attentive to the needs of his" boys ", attentive to the preferences of the customers, always worried about short, medium and long-term well-being. Over time, I learned that in this cattery we do not only buy a fine specimen of the Bengal breed, we are part of the Bengalesisnika family."

      Mark & Tracy Willows


      "We looked at many Bengal breeders both in Portugal, Spain and the UK and chose Rui because of his passion for breeding the best possible cats, and we are very happy. From the time we reserved our cat, which was before he was even created, we received regular updates. Once he was born, he kept us up to date with weekly video updates so we saw him grow from a week old. Rui takes the time to interact with the kittens so they are comfortable with human contact, so he settled into our family within a few short hours. Rui takes the time to get to know each kitten to know their characters to help find the best kitten for each family. I would 100% recommend Rui to my family and friends, he has given us a fantastic addition to our family."

      Hugo Máximo


      "The best cattery in Portugal. Apart from having cats with extreme beauty are cats with a fantastic temperament. With health coming in the first place, they can by far have the best cats. I strongly advise."

      Isabel Ramos


      "These are my 3 bengal cats fromthe bengalesisnika cattery, excellent lineage could not have chosen better breeder, always accompanied the growth of them, very honest. I hope in the future to have more copies of this creator. Thanks for everything."

      Susy Rocha

      Gafanha da Nazaré

      "On the day I became aware of the Bengal breed on TVI's show, I was dazzled with such feline beauty, I did not rest until I spoke to Rui, I waited anxiously for the arrival of my Flora, a beautiful cat with magnificent rozetas and glitter, Thank you to the Bengalesisnika gatil for the attention and availability to all my doubts, Thank you! ❤"

      Teresa Matias


      "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to the creator. The dedication, fantastic connoisseur of the breed, with unparalleled responsibility. I am a lady of 74 years and thanks to this excellent cattery and creator, I have 2 wonderful Bengal cats. Uryyah Shadow and Irenaeus Pacific, who are the only family I have. Thank you very much, Bengalesisnika."

      Artur Marques


      "A trigger of excellence. A dedicated breeder, knowledgeable of the breed with a great sense of responsibility. The result of these qualities is that we have, not 1 but 2 bengal cats. Jack and Akira."

      Miguel Pinto

      São Miguel, Azores

      "I wish to extol in my name and the remaining family to the creator Rui the great understanding and his willingness to give me to know the race. As a result a valuable acquisition of a Bengalesisnika Horus that is our joy."

      José Mendes


      "Our experience in the Bengalesisnika cattery, when purchasing our kitten was fantastic. From the explanation of the characteristics of the breed, to the patience in teaching our daughter how to treat Stitch, everything was taken care of and affable. Thank you very much for helping us in this special moment. Our kitten is a beautiful star to die for, very playful and is already part of our family."


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        Our Champions.

        In September 2019 we returned 5 years later to the international Feline Exhibitions and in just 5 months our 3 champions achieved a total of 7 titles! Bengalesisnika Heart Breaker (4) NW; JW; CH; GRC / Silverstorm Silver Galacto (2) CH; IC / Bengaluxe Nereida Eclipse (1) CH. We couldn't have started in the best way. We will see what the future holds.


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