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    What is Bengalesisnika?

    Bengalesisnika is a unique breeding cattery in Portugal that differs by the elite quality of is cats. Our cats are all from the best international breeders , with an excellent standard of color, health and quality.

    We follow high standards of quality, hygiene and health when it comes to the care and creation of our kittens. You can visit us and see for yourself.

    Kittens leave the guardians house under the following conditions:

    - Complete primulation against Panleucopenia, Herpesvirus and Calicivirus (vaccination at 8, 12 and 16 weeks) and monthly deworming until the exit.

    - Microchip in the name of the new owner, sanitary and pedigree certificate (after issuance by the Portuguese Forum of Fenilicultura or TICA and certification of castration / sterilization).

    - The kittens of the Bengalesisnika Cattery are intended for company and not reproduction, only in Portugal.

    - Evidence of absence of IVF, FeLV and echocardiographies of the parents for the diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

    - Rabies vaccine and passport only on copies that will leave the country.

    - The kittens will leave the cattery after 16 weeks old.

    - The final value of each kitten includes all the above mentioned conditions. The gender, color, or specific characteristic of each kitten is not a criterion of final price variability since they all have the same treatment and cost of creation. The value of the litters of each litter is only set in accordance with the current cost of breeding.

    - Future tutors can visit us and get to know the kittens and their parents in their environment, by means of a previous combination, but never until the month and a half of the babies so as not to disturb the mothers' balance and avoid the introduction of external pathogens. Therefore, we give priority to visits before birth and thereafter, only after the month and a half of the babies.

    - They are raised at home in a family environment, following the rules of well-being and animal health and correct psychosocial development of their personality. They only leave the Bengalesisnika Cattery , delivered in the hand of the future tutor and traveling home accompanied by his own.

    - The reserves have the value of 1/4 of the total cost and are conditioned the prior interview face-to-face or telephone. After approval, the reservation is only validated if confirmed in 48 hours. Reservations are not refunded due to cancellation. The restitution of reserves will take place in case of death or onset of disease suggestive of chronic pathology before the exit of the catheter. The remaining value of the specimen is only paid on the day of delivery.

    - After the birth of a litter we give priority to the candidates who contacted us previously and who kept on waiting lists expressing their continued interest. The face-to-face choices are conditioned to the available kittens from the month and a half and always obeying the chronology of contacts.

    Top quality of our cats

    Excellent genetics

    Excellent genetics

    Our cats are descended from the best cats from the US and Canada.
    Social cats

    Social cats

    It has never been so easy to have a pet. Our cats are extremely sociable.


    Your best friends always watch. A race that stands out.

    Bengalesisnika - The best you can get

    Bengalesisnika is a unique breed of cat in Portugal that is distinguished by the elite quality of its cats.
    Our cats are all from the best international strains, with an excellent standard of color, health and quality.

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