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    In 2012, a long-term project started! After I fell in love with this magnificent breed, I acquired my first Bengal!
    Toruk, a beautiful male with water green eyes and a magnificent pattern and contrast, came from a Portuguese breeder who had a couple of Bengal cats from two Canadian catteries (Abundadots and IC Spots "Canicsposts"). This genetic combination gave rise to this wonderful Super sweet, kind and playful boy! Toruk was the father of many kittens with great quality, filled us with pride in many exhibitions he participated in, and being the image of our cattery! However his deserved rest has arrived! It´s time to give way to the younger ones. His legacy has ended but his genetics remain with us. His replacement has all the qualities to take on his role, his grandson Bengalesisnika Heartbreaker.
    It will always be our favorite, so he has a special place with us for the rest of his life, which I hope will be long!
    Thank you my "big boy"!!

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