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    Another great weekend !! Good results and the first title of our King Bengalesisnika Heart Breaker.

    YES !! HE'S FIFe JUNIOR WINNER (JW)! Many thanks to the 6 judges who gave him the title! (Mr. Ad De Bruijn; Mr. Erik Reijers; Ms. Donatella Mastrangelo; Ms. Anna Wilczek; Ms. Thea Friškovec and Ms. Britta Busse).

    Also a special thanks to Melody Boyd. Without it, it was not possible to improve our race and obtain the Bengalesisnika Heart Breaker from the BoydsBengals Breaking Bad lineage. One of the most impressive bengal I've ever seen !!

    And of course, I can't forget Andrea Rouleau, Alexia Rouleau, Pedro Nunes and Sandra Gama and also a big thank you to the Portuguese Club of Felinicultura and Stewarts, Creators and exhibitors! (which made this task more difficult)

    Now a new chapter begins. Adult class will start !!

    The results:

    Bengalesisnika Heart Breaker:

    Best in Show and Best in Variety on both days!

    Jensaylabengals Dream a Litle Dream

    EX 1 on both days!

    Silverstorm Silver Galacto

    02/01/2020 - CAC

    02/01/2020 - CACIB


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