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    Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We love all of our cats and kittens, the purpose of this questionnaire is to help us put kittens into homes that give us certainties and that we believe to be the best option for them. Your information will be kept completely confidential.

    To get a Bengal specimen in our cattery we recommend a view. If you are interested you will need a pre-booking of 25% of the total value of the kitten, non-refundable, if you give up. The choice of the specimen will be in the order of access to the waiting list.

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    Who will be primarily responsible for the kitten / cat? How many hours will you or your family members have to spend with the kitten / cat during the day?*

    Are there any other pets in your house at this time? If yes, what species and how many?*

    Please provide the veterinarian's name and contact details that you will use for your cat / kitten.*